Epidemic Outbreak of Blast Disease in the Resistant Variety of Rice, 'Kwanok'

저항성품종인 '관옥'의 도열병 격발원인

  • Lee E. C. (Institute of Plant Environment, Office of Rural Development)
  • Published : 1972.05.01


1. In order to investigate the epidemic outbreak of rice blast disease on the resistant variety Kwankon in 1969, this investigation was undertaken as a basis for breeding resistant varieties. 2. The 16 isolates collected from Kyunggi area were inoculated at the 3-4 leaf stage on 12 Japanese differential varieties used for identifying races under greenhouse conditions. Out of 16 isolates 15 were identified as C race group and one as N race group. Of the 15 rates, nine were C-8, two were C-7 and two were C-1. Of the remaining two isolates, one was similar to C-1, and the other was similar to C-5. 3. It is concluded that the epidemic in the resistant variety 'Kwanok' was due to the occurrence of the C race group, which can infect the Chinese type varieties.