An Experimental Approach for Verifying the Effect of Scattered Gamma-rays on the “Before Glow”in a Thermoluminescent Glow Curve

  • Published : 1972.03.01


In order to verify the contribution of scattered photons in a restricted gamma-cell as a cause of the“before glow”on a thermoluminescent glow curve of natural quartz, the ratio of the scattered to primary radiation contributions (S/P) in the cell is measured and the relationship between the effective“before glow”height ( $h_{b}$) and S/P ratio is quantitatively investigated. The result shows quite good linear relationship between them with a correlation coefficient of +0.9, which possibly suggests that the electrons originally released by the photons of reduced energy are trapped in the shallower traps. Moreover, the ratios of $h_{b}$ to total glow area (At) and of effective “before glow”area (Ab) to At are also examined to see the relationships between S/P and each of them, respectively. The relationships are represented by exponential functions in the region of S/P greater than 0.035. Finally, the exposure limit for re-use of the natural quartz as a TLD was found to be approximately 10$^{5}$ R by analyzing total thermoluminescent output and corresponding exposure dose.ose.