The Study of Analytical Chemistry of the Modification of Manganese Dioxide (Report Two). Quantitative Determination of ${\gamma}$-Manganese Dioxide by Differential Heating Curves

變態二酸化 망간의 分析化學的 硏究 (第二報). 示差熱曲線에 依한 ${\gamma}-MnO_2$의 定量法

  • Published : 1971.10.30


Endothermic peak of transformation of ${\gamma}-MnO_2$ was obviously shown by differential heating curve in the present study, and the transformation temperature was different from other modification. ${\gamma}-MnO_2$ carried out to analyze exclusively, by means of the half area method in corresponding endothermic peak of differential heating curve. ${\alpha}-\;and\;{$beta}-MnO_2$ (Pyrolusite) containing in sample about 75% is interfered about ${\pm}$10% of the relative error, and while those of below 50% is interfered about ${\pm}$5%.



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