Theoretical Considerations on Effect of Environments on Strain Hardening

  • Published : 1971.03.01


The part of the work of plastic deformation of metal goes into the changes in the total surface free energy. This contribution is dependent on the specific surface free energy, which is affected by the environment. Based on thermodynamical approach, volume constancy requirement and adsorption induced two distinct dislocation interaction mechanisms for strengthening or weakening of metals at surface, theoretical derivation has been made to show that the environmental contribution on the strain hardening, the stress and the energy required for plastic deformation can be expressed in terms of solid surface tension in vacuum (${\gamma}$$_{s}$), interfacial tension (${\gamma}$$_{se}$ ), surface dislocation density ($\rho$$_{s}$), internal dislocation density ($\rho$$_{i}$) and fraction of surface site uncoverage (f). On the basis of theoretical derivation, the various mechanical behaviours under different environments are predicted.d.d.