A Method for Determining Dead Times of a G.M. Defector as a Function of the Count Rate

  • Ro, Seung-Gy (Health Physics Division, Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  • Published : 1971.03.01


A method for determining dead times of a G.M. detector as a function of the count rate has been investigated using the Mn$^{56}$ radioactive sample. The formula, (equation omitted), seems to be useful for determining a relation between the dead time and the count rate. Here (equation omitted)(N$_1$) is the dead time for the count rate N$_1$, N$_1$is the count rate at time zero, Nt is the count rate at time t, λ is the radioactive decay constant of the sample used, and t is the time between the first and second runs. When all the counting data were corrected for the dead times evaluated with this formula and then a variation of these corrected counting data with rime was observed, the results showed quite a good agreement with the published data for the radioactive decay of Mn$^{56}$ . Besides, it appears that the dead time decreases as the count rate increases in a dead time-to-count rate relation obtained by the same formula.