Survey on the Kinds of the Fruit Sucking Moths and their Damages in Korea (II)

과실흡아류의 종류와 피해에 관한 조사연구(II)

  • Published : 1970.10.01


The present further survey is carried out to clarify the unidentified kinds of the fruit sucking moths and these damages at Suwon and Jinju fruit growing areas, in order to set up the basis of the control for the harmful moths. It was known that 10 species be recorded up to 1968 11 and, in addition, identified 4 species in 1969, such as Apatele rumicis oriens S., Leucania separate W., Scoliopteryx libatrix L. and Anomis flava F. of the fruit sucking moths in Korea. The damage ratio ib percentage of the noxious moths if $5.1\%$ on grape in Suwon and $11.8\%$ on Pears in Jinju in 1969, although it was $8.9\%$ in Suwon and 3.4\%$ in Jinju in 1968.