Retention, Tenacity and Effect of Insecticides in the Fungicidal Control of Apple Bitter Rot

사과 탄저병 방제약제의 지속성 및 전착제$\cdot$살충제 혼용의 효과

  • Chung Hoo Sup (Dept. of Agricultural Biology, College of Agriculture,Seoul National University)
  • 정후섭 (서울대학교 농과대학 농생물학과)
  • Published : 1970.10.01


1. Retention of fungicides and efect of the mixing of spreaders and insecticides with fungicides in control of apple bitter rot were evaluated by 'the assay of inhibition zones with apple exocarp disks:' 2. The effectiveness of chemicals was reduced gradually as the time after treatment increased. Of all the chemicals tested, Difolatan retained approximately 60 percent of the original activity even after IS days. Difolatan had the highest followed by Tuzet, Phaltan, Bordeaux mixture, and Delan, in that order. 3. The fungicidal acivity of Tuzet decreased with increasing application of simulated rain. The wash-offf of Tuzet was reduced by adding spreaders. Dry skim milk and soybean extract were better than commercial chemicals such as Lino No. 1,2 and Tween 20. 4. The mixing of insecticides such as EPN, Folithion, Parathion and Lebaycid with Phaltan resulted in no significant differences in fungicidal effect even after 12 days of storage at room temperature.