The Librarianship and the Related Area Studies

도서관 관계 전문직과 관계 학문의 재규정

  • Published : 1970.12.01


The writer tries to propose some characteristics of profession and recommend those of librarianship. In this connection, the writer tries to define 'negative' and 'positive' functions of librarianship as a profession. The writer also aims at classifying various disciplines included in library sciencee Library science has to do with such phases as educational aids, storage and retrieval of knowledge and information, and librarianship itself. The title 'Librarian' carries with it the connotation of 'professional' in the sense that professional tasks require a special knowledge and background, that librarians try to maintain quality service to clients, the knowledge and information are produced, developed, and disseminated via librarians, and that librarians are responsible for continuing education. The fact that the present stage of librarianship is generally known to adhere to negative posture and randomness might permit other institutions to replace the library's role.