Geologic Report on the Goobong Limestone Mine

구봉석회석광산의 지질조사보고(地質調査報告)

  • Published : 1970.03.31


The purpose of this report is to prepare a data for the economic evaluation on the Goobong Limestone Mine which is located at the south-eastern corner of the Yongchun Quadrangle scaled in 1:50,000. The accessibility from the mine to railroad was considered in two ways. One is to Dodam Station on Central Railway Line and the other is to reach Songjung-ni village which is near Sangyong Station on Hamback Railway Line. The distance of the former way is 26.7km and the later is 24.2km. Geologically the mine is situated near the base of the Greast Limestone Series which strikes generally $N25^{\circ}{\sim}30^{\circ}E$. The series comprises six different formations from older to younger; Pungchon Limestone Formation and Whajol Formation of Cambrian age, and Dongjum Quartzite Formation, Dumudong Formation, Maggol Limestone Formation and Goseong Formation of lower to middle Ordovician age. 82 samples; 48 from Pungchon Limestone Formation, 11 from Dumudong Formation, 15 from Maggol Limestone Formation and 8 from Goseong Formation, were taken from the series in the crossed direction to the general trend of the series as shown in geological map. They were chemically analyzed on the components of CaO, MgO, $SiO_2$, $R_2O_3(Al_2O_3+Fe_2O_3)$ and ignition loss as shown in table 2, table 3, table 4, and table 5. As seen from the tables, among the formations of the series, middle to upper parts of the Pungchon Limestone Formation and middle and upper parts of the Dumudong Formation have chemical composition as available source for the raw material of cement industry, not only that but also the part of the Pungchon Formation was highly evaluated as source for the flux of iron smelting and the raw material of carbide manufacturing because of its high purity of calcium carbonate.