Studies on the Nitrogen Metabolism of Soybeans -II. Variation of Free Amino acids during the Growth of Younger Plants

대두(大豆)의 질소대사(窒素代謝)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) -II. 유(幼) 식물시기(植物時期)에서의 유리(遊離)아미노산(酸)의 소장(消長)

  • Published : 1970.04.30


In an effort of determine the metabolism and bio-synthesis of nitrogen, was studied at variance of souble nitrogens, free amino acids and total alcohol soluble amino acids during the growth of younger soybean plants, and saybean divides into cotyledon and embryonic organ (shoot and root system) in this experiment. 1. In the soluble nitrogen of soybean, ratio of increase and decrease in the amino acids of them was displayed the near phenomena both cotyledon and embryonic organ of soybean. But, in the 17th days after seed germination, that is the developmeatal stage of adult leaf of soybeans, was appear the maximum value. It has been suggested that the stage of first half period of growth as boundary the stage of adult leaf development which indicated clear morphologically, at the younger soybean plants, is the step that nitrogen assimilation. 2. It was investigated the amino acids of seventeen kinds in the seed state, but at the third days after seed germination, was investigated the amino acids of nineteen kinds. Ultimately, it appears the translocation from cotyledon to embryonic organ in the distribution of amino acid, the nineth day which differentiation begining day of embryonic organ, then after, it happen the variation of number of inspected amino acid in the cotyledon and embryonic organ but only the variance changes in the distribution and quantitative aspects. Especially, the most conspicuous fact was indicated the accumulation of Asparagine, that is the phenomena of Asparagine-accumulation was constitute, not with standing no fertilization from outside. It may be concluded from the results of this investigation that the difference of special phenomena of soybean from the embryo of other plans. 3. In the initial stage of differentiation at embryonic organ number of inspected amino acid was very few, and then, it was slightly appeared the increase-phenomena in the number of them. It was that the amino acid inspecting the initial stage was translocated from the cotyledon. It is suggested that the intermediate-metabolism of amino acid was constituted on the basis of above the result. 4. The phenomena of increase and decrease of total alcohol soluble amino acid were essentially identical to the water soluble amino acid of soybean, but it was appeared the severe difference of amounts in both of them.