Studies on the Acid Sulphate Soils - Effect of the Rice Plant Growth by Amounts of Lime Application on No-Percolation and Percolation -

산성(酸性) 유산염(硫酸鹽) 토양(土壤)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) - 투수(透水)에 의(依)한 석회(石灰) 시용량(施用量)이 수도생육(水稻生育)에 미치는 영향(影響) -

  • Ha, H.S. (Chinju Agricultural College)
  • Published : 1970.04.30


This experiment was conducted to investigate the influence of amounts of lime dressed on the growth of rice by the treatment of percolation and nonpercolation in the acid sulphate soil. And also analysis of soil chemical components after treatment was carried out. The results obtained were summarized as follows: 1. In the initial stage of growth, number of tillers and plant length showed no distinct differences between the treatments of percolation and nonpercolation, but after August the effect of lime appeared and the percolation treatment was more effective than the nonpercolation. 2. Lime dressing affected good influence on the panicles, grain per panicles and the rate of grain formation, and the treatment of percolation showed better results than nonpercolation. 3. If the yield of rough rice in the control (nonpercolation and lime dressing) was 100, it was 194 in the treatment of nonpercolation 12me/100gr of lime dressed, 268 in the treatment of percolation-4me/100gr of lime and 315 in the 8me/100gr-percolation. 4. Lime dressing affected good influence on the control of Helminthosporium leaf spots. 5. In the case of lime dressing, amounts of available phosphate and soluble silicon dioxide were increased, but ferrous ion ($Fe^{{+}{+}}$) were decreased.