Strength Tests of Imported NYLON 6 and its Variation after Dying

수입 NYLON망사의 장력시험과 염색후의 변화

  • Published : 1970.03.01


To investigate some properties of imported netting twines, the breaking strength, elongation and shrinkage were measured. Most of the yarns of palyamide (nylan 6), as raw material, used for netting twines are imported from Japan, however, their properties by maker's are not well known in Korea. The properties of these imported twines were ompared with Korean made netting twines and the effects of dying were also tested according to temperature. After all, nylon 6 of Unitika was the strongest and followed by those of Toray, Teijin, Kalan respectialy in wet and dry condition. The shrinkage was 3.07-5.0 % after dying in imported netting twines, while Kalan was 8. 84 % .