Studies on the modified dark incubation

암최청에 대한 연구

  • Published : 1969.12.01


It is very important physiological and economical problems to hatching within a day by increasing hatching-ratio of silkworm eggs in sericulture, and modified dark incubating method was experimented in Japan. The author studied on the economical problems of that rather than physiological study. Hatching was induced and accelerated by illumination before hatching 5 days which incubated in the dark room after eye spot pigmented eggs emerged 10-20 percentage. It was increased by 80-90% in hatching-ratio, but the hatching was delayed a day. In autumn silkworm, newly hatched silkworms were hatched silkworms were hatched in the dark room because of high temperature period tough modified dark incubation was passed only 4 days. The author wonder which is more effective between effect of increasing the hatching-ratio and the health of silkworms.