Study on the Salt Tolerance of Rice and Other Crops in Reclaimed 2. On the Salt Tolerance of Chinese Cabbage and Cabbage in Various Salty Conditions

간척지에서 수도 및 기타작물의 내염성에 관한 연구 2. 여러 가지 염분조건에서 배추와 양배추의 내염성에 관하여

  • Published : 1969.09.01


Salt tolerances of Chinese cabbage and cabbage were observed by means of the sand culture and field experiment. The point of 50% yield reduction of Chinese Cabbage was 1% of salt concentration in sand culture. The Na absorption in the salty upland conditions was increased but the absorption of Ca, Mg were interrupted as the salt concentration was raised and there were no differences in the absorption of N and P. The Si absorption was increased at low salty conditions, but the salt concentration was raised, the absorption was interrupted drastically. The cabbage was more stronger salt tolerance than Chinese cabbage, and it was possible to prevent the salt damage significantly by planting on sloping beds instead of planting on the double-row beds in field condition.