Effect of phenylmercuric 8-oxyquinolinate and phenylmercuric acetate on respiration of Cochliobolus miyabeanus

Phenylmercuric 8-oxyquinolinate 및 phenylmercuric acetate가 호마엽고병균의 호흡작용에 미치는 영향

  • Kim K. C. (Coll. Of Agr. Chunnam Nation. Univ.) ;
  • Suh Y. T. (Coll. Of Agr. Chunnam Nation. Univ.)
  • Published : 1968.12.01


The effect of respiratory inhibition was investigated by treating conidia or mycelium of Cochliobolus miyabeanus with phenylmercuric 8-oxyquinolinate (PMQ) or. phenylmercuric acetate (PMA) in terms of $O_2$ up take ul/mg dry weight of cells. The results obtained are as follows: 1. In inhibition of mycelial growth, PMQ gave somewhat less effective than PMA, hut there was no remarkable difference between them, and the two indicated strong inhibitory effect on mycelial growth at the range from 0.01 to 1.0 ppm. 2. In inhibition of conidial respiration, PMA gave somewhat stronger than PMQ except at 0.1ppm, but there was no notable difference between them, and it seemed that there was no inhibitory effect at 0.01ppm. 3. PMQ was stronger than PMA in inhibition of mycelial respiration as compared with the cibudail respiration, ration, and the difference between them was about $10\%$. 4. According to the above results, the inhibitory effect of spore germimation by PMQ was the same as to PMA or somewhat lower than that of PMA. The inhibitiry effect of PMQ on mycelial growth was lower than that of PMA.