Some biological notes on Eriophyes kuko KISHIDA (1) Its biology and life history

구기자 혹응애(Eriophyes kuko KISHIDA)에 관한 생태학적 지견 (1) 그의 생태 및 생활사

  • Published : 1968.12.01


This Paper deals With the biology and the life Cycle of Eriophyes kuko KISHIDA. 1. The host of Eriophyes kuko KISHIDA is Lycium chinense MILL (Boxthorn), Solanum nigrum LINNE(Morel) and Capacium annum LINNE(Red pepper) etc. 2. Eriophyes kuko KISHIDA is migrated and propagated by physical carriers. The direction of the wind has a great influence upon migration and dispersal. 3. The number of e99s deposited by a adult female is $28.5\pm0.449$ egg period is $7.0\pm0.447$ and larval period is $4.33\pm0.667$ days respectively. 4. The size of gall diameter on the leaf of Lycium Chinense MILL after boring in each date by Eriophyes kuke KISHIDA is as follows, 1st day after boring is $290.5\pm0.3415\mu$ End 25st day after boring is $3260.5\pm0.5157\mu$ in average. 5. Adult periods are from 25 to 30 days and the egg laying period is 6 days. 6. Eriophyes kuko KISHIDA has 6 to 7 generations in a year, and hibernate they over winter in the gall as an adult. The first adult appears in late May.