Studies on the yellow-margined buprestid, Scintillatrix djingischani OBENBERGER)(II) -The larval instar and the growth of larva-

갓노랑비단벌레 (Scintillatrix djingischani OBENBERGER)에 관한 연구(제3보) -유충의 령기와 경과에 대하여-

  • Yun J. K. (Dept. of Entomology, College of Agricalture, Chonnam National University)
  • 윤주경 (전남대학교 농과대학 곤충학교실)
  • Published : 1968.12.01


The larval instar of Scintillatrix djingischani OBENBERGER WES determined by measuring the head width of the larvae, some of which were bred in the room and the other collected in orchards during four years(1963-1966). Their growth ratio and variation were also studied. 1) The variation curve of the head width of the Iarvae distinctly appeared to be seven (7) curves, which seemed to have lived to be over seven(7) instars after six(6) times of molting. 2) In general, tile larvae live out to be 6-7 instar. Those pupated at 6th instar seem to over winter in tissue from November as matured. And those pupated in late Spring or early Summer after over wintering in canbium seem to be at 7th instar. 3) The standard deviation of the head width tends to grow larger except at 1st and 7th instar, while the coefficient of variation tends to decrease according as the number of instar increases. The growth ratio was found to decrease according as the number of instar increase except at 1 at and 2 nd instar. 4) To the growth of tee larval head width of this insect, Games and Campbell's formula was more applicable than Dyar's. 5) From the activties of larvae it is presumed that those bred in the year over winter in phelloderm or canbium at the 2 nd-3 rd instar, and the matured (2 year old) emerge the next year after over wintering in cambium or tissue at the 5th or 6th instar.