A Study on Pancreas Scanning with $Selenium^{75}$-Selenomethionine

$^{75}Se$-Selenomethionine 을 이용(利用)한 췌장주사(膵臟走査)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Shin, Hyun-Chan (Department of Internal Medicine, Presbyterian Hospital) ;
  • Toh, Sang-Hee (Department of Internal Medicine, Presbyterian Hospital) ;
  • Ra, Woo-Youn (Department of Radiology, Presbyterian Hospital) ;
  • Suh, Chul-Sung (Department of Radiology, Presbyterian Hospital)
  • 신헌찬 (대구동산기독병원내과) ;
  • 도상희 (대구동산기독병원내과) ;
  • 나우연 (대구동산기독병원방사선과) ;
  • 서철성 (대구동산기독병원방사선과)
  • Published : 1968.05.01


Radiographic visualization of the pancreas is a difficult problem, but the direct visualization of the pancreas is possible by the injection of the amino-acid methionine tagged with $selenium^{75}$75 ($Se^{75}$). In order to know the diagnostic value of pancreas scanning, scans were performed on 23 cases using $selenium^{75}$-selenomethionine. These cases were also given egg white, probanthine and morphine. 1. Good visualization of the pancreas scanning was observed on 19 cases, presumably with normal pancreas. 2. A case which showed diffusely decreased uptake on pancreas scanning was proven to have lesions in the bile duct and the gall bladder. 3. Of those two cases which showed localized cold area, one had pancreas cyst and the other one was not explored. 4. A case which showed no visualization of the pancreas was proven to have pancreatic carcinoma. 5. Two cases which showed widened duodenal loop by upper gastro-intestinal series revealed normal pancreas scanning, and no pancreatic disease was found in both cases.