Studies on Thermal Resistance Bacteria (Part 2) On the Thermal Resistance of Anaerobic Bacteria.

내열성세균에 관한 연구 2 (제 2 ) 기성세균의 내열성에 관하여

  • 이계호 (서울대학농과대학) ;
  • 장건형 (서울대학농과대학)
  • Published : 1966.10.01


The purpose of this paper is to study on the thermal death time curve and F-values, and morphological and physiological characteristics observed for the identification. The three strains of thermal resistancing anaerobic bacteria isolated from unheated various cans and swelled cans and the different soils collected from the wide area in Korea. The results obtained in the light of the manual of Bergeg's for the identification of the anareobic bacteria have been shown that the three strains of anaerobic bacteria are pertained to Cl. sporogenes B-41 Cl. butyricum B-72 & Cl.. botulinum Type E B-163. The optimum temperature, pH and thermal resistance, thermal death point of the anaerobic have been measured.