Studies on black rot of rice seedlings

벼 검은빛 모썩음병에 관한 연구

  • Cho Y. S. (Coll. Of Agr. Seoul Nation. Univ.)
  • Published : 1965.12.01


The study was carried on a new disease of rice seedling which named 'Black rot of rice seedling'. None of papers on this disease was reported recently. The symptom of this disease was quite different from other seedling rot of rice plant. Submerged mycelial growth in water was black colored and it was surrounded whole surface of seed. Soil on which diseased seedlings were placed was black colored by this disease and the seedlings, finally stopped to grow within 3 em in height, and appeared with black rot symptom. Sporulation of the pathogen does not occurred under both of natural and artificial conditions. The mycelium appeared in dark color and with distinguished septation under the microscope. With those results it is easily recognized that the pathogen does not belong to those which causal organism:; of other seedling rot of rice plant like as Phycomycetes or Fusarium species. The study should be continued on identification of the causal organism. Favorable environments for the disease did not differ from other seedling rot of rice plant, and varietal resistance also did not significantly differ among the varieties used in this experiment. Dissemination of the disease was carried out not by planted seeds but by infected soil.