Studies on the Amylase Producing Bacteria. (partI)

Amylase 생성세균에 관한 연구 1

  • 이석건 (샘표식품공업주식회사) ;
  • 이한창 (샘표식품공업주식회사)
  • Published : 1964.10.01


1. Three hundred and twenty four strains of amylase producing bacteria were isolated from various sources and a high amylase producing new strain, which was isolated from MEJU, M-181, was selected for further investigations. 2. The new strain M-181 was similar to Bacillus subtilis in the characteristics. 3. Wheat bran medium was the best one for production of amylase so for as the investigations had been done. The amylase activity of M-181 was measured D$40^{\circ}\\30^{'}$ .$deg._{30'}$ 25,000 to 26,800 on the medium of wheat bran. 4. The strain M-181 did not demand phosphate for production of amylase.