Action of Ascorbic Acid and Indoleacetic Acid on the Oxidation of Succinate and Coupled Phosphorylation in Chlorella Mitochondria

Chlorella Mitochondria의 Oxidative Phosphorylation에 대한 Ascorbic Acid 및 IAA의 작용성에 관하여

  • Lee, Yung-Nok (Department of Biology, Korea University) ;
  • Chin, Pyung (Department of Biology, Korea University)
  • 이영록 (고려대학교 이공대학 생물학과) ;
  • 진평 (고려대학교 이공대학 생물학과)
  • Published : 1964.10.01


Lee, Yung Nok and Chin, Pyung (Dept. of Biology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea) : Action of ascorbic acid indoleacetic acid on the oxidation of succinate and coupled phosphorylation in Chlorella mitochondria. Kor. Jour. Microbiol., Vol.2, No.1, p12-16 (1964) Mitochondria were isolated from Chlorella ellipsoidea and the action of ascorbic acid and indoleacetic acid on the succinate oxidation and coupled phosphorylation in mitochondria suspension were examined. Oxidation of succinate used as substrate, and phosphorylation coupled to oxidation were strikingly enhanced by the addition of ascorbic acid, while in case of indoleacetic acid it were a little. In a view of phosphorylative efficiency, P/O ratio resulting from the addition of ascorbic acid was decreased and it may be considered as the result of a partial oxidation of ascorbate in mitochondria.