Privacy-preserving Custom Manufacturing Service Protocol based on Smart Contract in Smart Factory

스마트 컨트랙트 기반의 프라이버시를 제공하는 스마트 팩토리 주문제작 서비스 프로토콜

  • Published : 2018.10.18


The Cost for introducing smart factory will decrease and the service type will change from a large scale to small quantity manufacturing, when 3D printing technologies have actively applied and smart factory related technologies have more stably developed. If customers have to provide private information, the availability of developed technology may cause slow progress. We propose a new protocol for custom manufacturing service of smart factory. The proposed approach is designed for smart contract based IoT convergence network. We analyzed the requirements of the proposed approach which provides anonymity, privacy, fairness, and non-repudiation. We compared it with closely related studies to show originality and differences.