A Study for Improvements on Aircraft mechanic Certification System and mechanics education

항공정비사 자격증명 제도개선 및 교육기관 선진화 방안 연구

  • Published : 2016.05.13


The government conducted an aviation expert training project in 2013. But unfortunately, only pilots and international experts were targeted and aircraft maintenance engineers that are the most important to safety were not trainee to the training courses. More importantly, the more the absolute number of aircrafts increases, the more demand for aircraft maintenance engineers are going up as well. Through the evaluation indicators for the Government-Sponsored Program Fostering Aviation Personnel(aircraft maintenance engineers). it figured out factors associated with the Government-Sponsored Program Fostering Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and it suggested a baseline data necessary to inspect and manage professional training institutions. Thanks to the development of the evaluation indicators, it is highly expected that difference among institutions will be narrowed, elevated level of management of the institutions will help foster and yield satisfactory aircraft maintenance engineers.