Potential Revenue Prediction Method of ESS using Lithium-ion Battery

리튬이온 배터리를 이용한 에너지저장장치 시스템의 잠재수익 산출 기법

  • Published : 2016.07.05


Recently, the mass production of Energy storage system (ESS) is actively perform around world. Energy storage system is a technique that stores power to energy storage device to supply energy into grid and load at peak-load. Therefore, the efficient energy management is available by using ESS system. The life of Lithium-ion battery is varied corresponding to the power usage, especially selected depth of discharge (DOD). The lifetime of battery is the one of the most issue of the ESS system because of its stability and reliability. Therefore, lifetime management of battery and power converter of ESS module is required. In this paper, the battery lifetime management method estimating residual power and lifetime of lithium ion battery of ESS system is proposed. Also, total avenue prediction of ESS system is simulated considering the total lifetime of battery.



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