Fire due to an important national cultural protection measures research

화재로 인한 국가 중요 문화재 보호대책 연구

  • Published : 2013.04.21


Cultural assets of the country's history and cherish the living conditions of the people, conscious and cohesive crystals, and the pride of the hearts of the people as a haven. In the country worth preserving national treasure, bomulgeup, local cultural heritage as a major cultural property protection are. Cultural properties, etc. Most are wooden, is vulnerable to fire, and, moreover battling to far away from the city and due to the geographical conditions are very challenging aspects. The national cultural assets, such as the many temples, vows to fire one if the loss of a centuries-old cultural property is a big loss of national posterity to great shame is not. Still cultural assets and a large number of visitors have flocked temples. All of us to keep the look and feel of the cultural assets pleasure to conserve cultural assets preserved to ensure that fire prevention is always unmistakably bear in mind that sees.