3D video simulation system using GPS

GPS를 이용한 3D 영상 구현 시뮬레이션 시스템

  • Published : 2012.10.26


Currently, aircraft and automobile simulator for training provides a variety of training by making hypothetical situation on a simulator Installed on the ground Currently. And the instructor maximizes the effectiveness of the training by Monitoring training and instructing the required training. When trainees are boarding the aircraft or automobile. The Instructor in the ground is not able to monitoring aircraft, automobile. The assessment of the training is not easy after the end of the training Therefore, it is difficult to provide high quality of education to the students. In this paper, Simulation software is to develop the following. Collecting GPS and real-time information for aircraft, automobile ${\grave{a}}implementing$ 3D simulation. Implementing Current image of the aircraft or automobile in the screen by 3D Real-time monitoring of training situation at the control center utilizing for training saving 3D video files Analysis, evaluation on training After the end of the training.