Target Localization using Combination of the IV and QCLS Method in the Sensor Network

센서네트워크 내의 IV 기법과 QCLS 기법을 결합한 위치 추정

  • Published : 2011.07.20


The nonlinear estimation and the pseudo-linear estimation are used to treat the target localization in sensor network which provides range difference of arrival (RDOA) measurements. It is known that the nonlinear estimation has sensitive problem for the initial estimate and the pseudo-linear estimation has a large estimation error. The QCLS method is the typical estimator of the methods for pseudo-linear estimation. However the estimate by using the QCLS method includes the estimation error because the first stage of two estimation processes of the QCLS method causes the biased estimation error. Therefore we propose a instrumental variables(IV) method for minimizing the estimation error of the first stage. The simulation shows that the performance of the proposed method is superior to the QCLS method.