A Basic Study on Development of Residents Emotion Index in Apartment Community

아파트 커뮤니티에서의 거주자 감정지표 개발에 관한 기초 연구

  • 박지혜 (부산대학교 노인생활환경연구소) ;
  • 조성희 (부산대학교 주거환경학과)
  • Published : 2011.04.15


The purpose of this study suggests the emotion of residents as indexes in Korean housing environment for providing a fundamental guideline for precise dwelling social science and indicating the view for understanding of residents in korean housing culture in korea. So this paper explores the role of residents emotion indexes in housing environment and community. For this study, survey and depth-interview methods were used for data collection. The subjects were 514 housewives living in apartments. The statistical methods for data analysis were frequency, mean, multiple linear regression and logistic regression analysis using the SPSS 18.0 program The major findings are as follows: 1)Pride of neighborhood, pride of apartment complex and sense of superiority were important factors for residental satisfaction. 2)Conspicuous image of neighbors and active contact with neighbors were import factors for their neighborship in the apartment complex. The results develop the housing environment evaluation indexes in community through the contextual understanding of space emotion society.


Supported by : 한국연구재단