Estimation of Greenhouse Heating performance for Ground Filtration Water Source Heat Pump

강변여과수 열원 히트펌프 온실난방 성능시험

  • Published : 2011.05.26


This study was carried out in order to estimate the greenhouse performance for Ground filtration water source heat pump which was installed for supplying the heat to the paprika greenhouse in Jinju city. Experimental area of Greenhouse was $3,300m^2$, For keeping the heat from greenhouse, single plastic covering and double thermal screen was installed. With considering all of greenhouse insulation condition and designed heatng temperature, heating capacity for experimental greenhouse was calculated as 320,000kcal/hr. Coefficient of performance(COP) of Ground filtration water source heat pump was gauged and greenhouse heating performance was tested from Febuary 1 to Febuary 28 in 2011. The result showed that COP of heat pump was in the range of 3.7~4.7 and COP of heating system was in the range of 3.0~3.5. The vaule of COP was very high and the temperature inside greenhouse was well corresponded to the setting temperature of greenhouse environment controlling system. lots of Ground filtration water made the the number of well fewer and the expense for installing heating system cheaper than that of geothermal system used custmarily. and this system went beyond the limitation of intaking amount of groundwater in normal Groundwater source heat pump.