An Evaluation of Tensile Characteristics of the Stress Aging Heat-treated SM45C Steel by Acoustic Emissions

음향방출법에 의한 SM45C 응력시효 처리재의 인장특성 평가

  • 이장규 (인천대학교 기계공학과) ;
  • 박복남 (인천대학교 산업대학원)
  • Published : 2009.04.25


This paper investigates tensile characteristics of the stress aging heat-treated SM45C steel which are aging temperature at $250^{\circ}C$, $300^{\circ}C$, aging time at 1, 3 hours, and applied load at 300, 400N conditions by using acoustic emission. Most suitable aging condition was aging temperature $300^{\circ}C$, aging time 1 hour, and aging applied load 300N. And increased yield load 28.3% than non-treatment specimen in this condition. AE energy in elastic limit increased about 16.7 times than non-treatment specimen. When aging time is 3 hours, yield load decreased than other conditions that possibility is high to have itself defect on inside the specimen or coarse grain size precipitation is different in happened over-aging phenomenon. Especially, in case of $300^{\circ}C$, 3 hours and 400N condition appeared AE energy in elastic limit fairly high about 30 times than non-treatment specimen. This is considered by emit a lot of energies when material causes plastic deformation because the ductility increases on specimen by over-aging phenomenon.