A Study on the Optimal All-IP Network Design for Adopting IPTV Traffic

All-IP 네트워크에서 IPTV 트래픽 수용을 위한 최적의 설계 방안 연구

  • Published : 2009.08.27


All-IP network requires change of the existing IP network engineering methods as the convergence service market between communication and broadcasting industries using IP network is growing rapidly. Especially the video services like IPTV require more strict transmission quality and higher bandwidth than the existing data services. So it is difficult to design All-IP network by the over-provisioning method which used to be used for the existing IP network design. It also requires a heavy investment which becomes one of big obstacles to the IPTV service expansion. In order to reduce the investment costs, it is required to design an optimized network by maximizing the utilization of the network resources and at the same time maintaining the customer satisfaction in terms of service quality. In this paper, we first analyze the effects of IPTV traffic on the existing internet. Then we compare two traffic engineering technologies, which are dimensioning without admission control and dimensioning with admission control, on the All-IP network design by simulation. Finally, we suggest cost effectiveness of traffic engineering technologies for designing the All-IP network.