MR 댐퍼의 최적설계 : 이론적 방법 및 유한요소 방법

Optimal Design of MR Damper : Analytical Method and Finite Element Method

  • 발행 : 2009.04.23


This paper presents an optimal design of magnetorheological(MR) damper based on analytical methodology and finite element analysis. The proposed MR damper consists of MR valve and gas chamber. The MR valve is constrained in a specific volume and the optimization problem identifies geometric dimensions of the valve structure that maximize the pressure drop of the MR valve or damping force of the MR damper. In this work, the single-coil annular MR valve structure is considered. After describing the schematic configuration and operating principle of MR valve and damper, a quasi-static model is derived based on Bingham model of MR fluid. The magnetic circuit of the valve and damper is then analyzed by applying the Kirchoff’s law and magnetic flux conservation rule. Based on the quasi-static modeling and the magnetic circuit analysis, the optimization problem of the MR valve and damper is built. The optimal solution of the optimization problem of the MR valve structure constrained in a specific volume is then obtained and compared with the solution obtained from finite element method.