Analysis of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Oxy-fuel Combustion Power Generation System Using Oxygen Separation Technology

산소분리기술을 사용한 연료전지/순산소연소 발전시스템 해석

  • Published : 2008.10.16


This study aims to devise and analyze a power generation system combining the solid oxide fuel cell and oxy-fuel combustion technology. The fuel cell operates at an elevated pressure, a constituting a SOFC/gas turbine hybrid system. Oxygen is extracted from the high pressure cathode exit gas using ion transport membrane technology and supplied to the oxy-fuel power system. The entire system generates much more power than the fuel cell only system due to increased fuel cell voltage and power addition from oxy-fuel system. More than one third of the power comes out of the oxy-fuel system. The system efficiency is also higher than that of the fuel cell only system. Recovering most of the generated carbon dioxide is major advantage of the system.