Research on the Relation of the Exhaust Gas Concentration between Lug-Dowrn3 Test Mode and D147 Test Mode on the Driving Car Using Diesel Fuel

운행경유화 배출가스 Lug-Down3 모드 부하검사방법과 D147모드 부하검사방법간의 배출농도 상관성 비교 연구

  • Published : 2008.10.13


In this paper, we estimated the D147 mode test, which is introduced as a new emission test mode for the driving car using diesel fuel. And we compared the D147 test mode, Lug-Down3 test mode and no load acceleration test mode. And the exhaust gas concentration between the three modes was compared. The exhaust concentration at the D147 mode is lower than the exhause concentration at the Lug-Down 3 mode and higher than that at the no load acceleration test mode. Also the correlation factor was estimated between the D147 mode and Lug-Down 3 mode.