Firing Test of Core Engine for Pre-cooled Turbojet Engine

  • Published : 2008.03.30


A core engine for pre-cooled turbojet engines is designed and its component performances are examined both by CFD analyses and experiments. The engine is designed for a flight demonstration of precooled turbojet engine cycle. The engine uses gas hydrogen as fuel. The external boundary including measurement devices is set within $23cm{\times}23cm$ of rectangular cross section, in order to install the engine downstream of the air intake. The rotation speed is 80000 rpm at design point. Mixed flow compressor is selected to attain high pressure ratio and small diameter by single stage. Reverse type main combustor is selected to reduce the engine diameter and the rotating shaft length. The temperature at main combustor is determined by the temperature limit of non-cooled turbine. High loading turbine is designed to attain high pressure ratio by single stage. The firing test of the core engine is conducted using components of small pre-cooled turbojet engine. Gas hydrogen is injected into the main burner and hot gas is generated to drive the turbine. Air flow rate of the compressor can be modulated by a variable geometry exhaust nozzle, which is connected downstream of the core engine. As a result, 75% rotation speed is attained without hazardous vibration and heat damage. Aerodynamic performances of both compressor and turbine are obtained and evaluated independently.