A Numerical Study on Coal Devolatilization of Bituminous Coal Using CPD Model

  • Published : 2008.11.05


The coal considerably is the energy resource which is important with the new remarking energy resource. The coal conversion has two processes which are coal devolatilization and char oxidation. Coal devolatilization is important because it describes up to 70% weight loss and has been shown that nitrogen contribute 60 to 80% of the total NOx produced. The chemical percolation devolatilization(CPD) model is used here to describe coal devolatilization. The model was developed to describe coal devolatilization behavior of rapidly heated coal based on characteristics of the chemical structure of the parent coal. This paper describes CPD model in detail and makes an analysis of Shenhua coal(bituminous) which is used calculated 13-C NMR(carbon-nuclear magnetic resonance).