Numerical Analysis on the Performance of a Outdoor Air Cooled Heat exchanger for Cooling Tower

외기이용 하이브리드 냉각탑 성능해석

  • Published : 2008.11.05


This paper is to provide analysis model that can be used to investigate the improvement in energy efficiency for cooling tower by using fresh air. Numerical analysis of Air-cooled heat exchanger for single-phase flow with variations of outdoor air temperature has been performed. A complete set of correlations of the heat transfer in both refrigerant and air sides was employed for predicting the heat transfer rate. The numerical results derived from the correlations were verified with experimental results. The energy consumption for a hybrid cooling tower has been compared for variation of a outdoor air temperature. The results showed that the hybrid cooling tower in low outdoor temperature offers a significant improvement in energy efficiency. The thermal analysis aids significantly in the solution of the design problem of hybrid cooling tower.