Development of Insole Pattern Depending on the Footprint Shape of Elder Women

노년여성의 족저 형태에 따른 인솔 패턴 개발 연구

  • 이지은 (신라대학교 패션산업학부) ;
  • 권영아 (신라대학교 패션산업학부)
  • Published : 2008.10.24


Even though many researchers studied the foot shape and dimension, those applications lacked. The purpose of this study was to develop insole pattern of elderly women according to footprint. Discrepancy in the classification criteria among of foot parameters complicates attempts for elderly women classification of foot sole. To develop a footprint-based classification technique for the classification of foot sole types by allowing simultaneous use of several parameters. Foot sole data from static standing footprints were recorded from 48 elderly women. The factors of footprint shape were determined. Cluster analysis was applied to obtain individual foot sole classifications. The classification model of foot insole is proposed for a classification of footprint in elderly women. An application of ANOVA, Duncan's analysis, frequency analysis, factor analysis, and cluster analysis have been made to footprint data. In order to make clear foot sole characteristics, the factors of footprint shape have been discussed. The results are as follows. The factors of footprint shape have been classified into four types: foot length, sole slope, outside sole slope, and foot width. The types of foot sole shape have been classified into four types: longed, shortened, outside sloped, and toes sloped.