Dynamic Analysis of HVAC Case for Passenger Car

승용차용 HVAC Case의 동특성 해석

  • 육지용 (한라공조 기술연구소 CAE 팀) ;
  • 차용길 (한라공조 기술연구소 CAE 팀) ;
  • 임정수 (한라공조 기술연구소 CAE 팀) ;
  • 김광일 (한라공조 기술연구소 CAE 팀) ;
  • 강성호 (한라공조 기술연구소 시스템 개발 팀)
  • Published : 2008.11.20


This Paper presents dynamic analysis of HVAC(Heating Ventilation & Air Condition) Heater Case which consists of heater and evaporator unit for passenger car. To analyze the dynamic characteristics of HVAC Heater Case. finite element model which consists of shell elements is constructed for modal analysis and experimental Modal analysis has been conducted. Finite element analysis results are compared with experimental results to evaluate of validity of finite element model After identifying node shape and natural frequency of HVAC Heater Case, local stiffness of HVAC Case is evaluated through point mobility using finite element analysis and experiment.