Analysis of the Sound Insertion Loss of the Enclosure for the Chilled Water Plant in a Ship

선박의 냉수제조기용 인클로우져에 대한 음향 삽입 손실 분석

  • 한형석 (국방기술품질원 함정센터) ;
  • 장천익 (국방기술품질원 함정센터)
  • Published : 2008.11.20


Enclosure is widely used for the sound insulation in a ship. But it is very difficult to estimate the sound insertion loss for the enclosure because the sound field between the enclosure and the machine is so complex. Therefore, it is usually estimated experimentally. In this research, sound insertion loss of the enclosure is estimated by theory assuming that the sound field in the enclosure is reverberation field. And the results from the theory are compared to those from the experiment.