A Study on the Section Change Using the Slip-Form Method

슬립폼 공법 적용 시 단면변화에 대한 고찰

  • Published : 2007.11.09


Already, core wall construction method for apartment wall structure and general building special areas applied the engineering method's appropriate examination. Also, trial and error depending on slip-form method is a good examination opportunity to consider. In the present paper's slip-form engineering method l)Casting concrete to slab in sliding 2)RC structure + SRC structure (part of segment) 3)Inside segment variation(straight line-diagonal-circle) are together while determining whether it is possible not to carry out actual construction work on the structure. Finally, small problems continuously appear on actual slip-form method application, design and engineering, starting with planning thoroughly the field examination and diagnosing the atmosphere, minimizing cost, secure work safety facilities characterized by good quality, slip-form research extension, development and decision-making.