Numerical Study on Flame Structure and Pollutant Formation for Syngas Turbulent Nonpremixed Swirl Burner

석탄가스 선회난류 연소기의 화염구조 및 공해물질 배출특성 해석

  • Published : 2007.11.06


The present study numerically investigate the effects of the Syngas chemical kinetics on the basic flame properties and the structure of the Syngas diffusion flames. In order to realistically represent the turbulence-chemistry interact ion and the spatial inhomogeneity of scalar dissipation rate. the Eulerian Particle Flamelet Model(EPFM) with multiple flamelets has been applied to simulate the combustion processes and NOx formation in the syngas turbulent nonpremixed flames. Due to the ability for interactively describing the transient behaviors of local flame structures with CFD solver, the EPFM model can effectively account for the detailed mechanisms of NOx format ion including thermal NO path, prompt and nitrous NOx format ion, and reburning process by hydrocarbon radical without any ad-hoc procedure. validation cases include the Syngas turbulent nonpremixed jet and swirling flames. Based on numerical results, the detailed discussion has been made for the sensitivity of the Syngas chemical kinetics as well as the precise structure and NOx formation characteristics of the turbulent Syngas nonpremixed flames.