The Reduction of Structure-borne Noise in an Elevated Station(Changdong Station) of Seoul Metro Line No. $1\sim4$

서울메트로 $1\sim4$호선 고가역(창동역) 고체소음 저감 사례

  • 공선용 (서울메트로 철도토목팀) ;
  • 오희완 (서울메트로 철도공사팀) ;
  • 김상진 (서울메트로 철도토목팀)
  • Published : 2007.05.17


In the recent railway construction, the concrete slab track is highlighted as the maintenance-free track and the main stream is moving from ballasted track to concrete slab track. However, in spite of many merits of concrete slab track, the higher noise generated from the concrete slab track is a troublesome question to solve and, by this reason, many studies on noise reduction of concrete slab track are carried out. The railway noise can be classified into the reflection noise emitted from wheel/rail contact and the structure-borne noise transmitted through railway structures. In this presentation, we would like to introduce an example of the successful reduction of structure-borne noise at track retrofitting to maintenance-free concrete slab track in elevated Changdong Station which was built with ballasted track on Rahmen structure.