A Study on River Space Restoration and Improvement of Water Quality in Nihonbashi River

  • Ito, Kazumasa (Research Center for Sustainable Communities, CTI Engineering Co., LTD)
  • Published : 2007.05.17


Nihonbashi River takes more time to discharge water pollution because it runs low-lying areas and is easy to affect tidal flow from downstream. After rainfall, the water environment of the river has become worse. Even though the river is located in the important metropolitan area in Tokyo, it dose not have any connection with people's lives. We took Nihonbashi River as an example to consider methods for river restoration of improving water quality and river environment in densely inhabited urban areas. Especially, the major issue of river restoration is how smoothly and quickly discharges water pollution which flows into with river flow. The conclusion of this project is the effectiveness of improvement of water environment to construct of rock gates in Nihonbashi River and Kanda River to control inflows from upstream and tidal flows from downstream.