Probabilistic Distribution of Displacement Response of Frictionally Damped Structures under Earthquake Loads

지진하중을 받는 마찰형 감쇠를 갖는 구조물의 변위 응답 확률 분포

  • Published : 2007.04.12


The accurate peak response estimation of a seismically excited structure with frictional damping system(FDS) is very difficult since the structure with FDS shows nonlinear behavior dependent on the structural period, loading characteristics, and relative magnitude between the frictional force and the excitation load. Previous studies have estimated that by replacing a nonlinear system with an equivalent linear one or by employing the response spectrum obtained based on nonlinear time history and statistical analysis. In the case that on earthquake load is defined with probabilistic characteristics, the corresponding response of the structure with FDS has probabilistic distribution. In this study, nonlinear time history analyses were performed for the structure with FDS subjected to artificial earthquake loads generated using Kanai-Tajimi filter. An equation for the probability density function (PDF) of the displacement response is proposed by adapting the PDF of the normal distribution. Finally, coefficients of the proposed PDF is obtained by regression analysis of the statistical distribution of the time history responses. Finally, the correlation between PDFs and statistical response distribution is presented.