A Study on an Image Noise Erase Method By to be an Image Noise Frequent Occur for Raining, in Measurement Machine Vision System for using CCD Camera Of Pantograph Sliding Plate

팬터그래프 습판마모의 머신 비젼 측정에서 우천시 발생하는 영상의 노이즈 제거방법에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2007.11.16


Pantograph sliding plate abrasion auto-detect system, one of the electric rail car auto-detecting devices, is a system that decides how much abrasion and when to replace without an inspector physically looking at the abrasion on the wet plate using machine vision, a cutting-edge technology. This paper covers the cause of deteriorating reliability that affects pantograph wet plate edge detection due to noise added to the video when it rains. In order to remove such noise, problems should be checked through Smoothing, Averaging mask and Median filter using filtering technique and stable edge detection without being affected by noise should be induced in video measurement used in machine vision technology.