Evaluation of the Functional Cosmetics

  • Yun, Mi-Ok (Cosmetics Evaluation Team, Drug Evaluation Department Korea Food & Drug Administration)
  • 발행 : 2007.11.16


Cosmetics have mild activity on the human body, and intended to be used for cleaning, beautifying the human body, and also keeping healthy skin or hair, promoting attractiveness or altering the appearance. Functional cosmetics, in other words cosmeceuticals, are restricted for following functions: 1) Whiten the skin tone by preventing deposition of melanin pigmentation or lightening of the color of melanin of skin, 2) alleviate or improve wrinkles of the skin, and 3) protect the skin from the ultra violet rays from the sun. According to the functions of the functional cosmetics, skin whitening products, anti-wrinkle products, and suntan & sunscreen products are manufactured. In order to manufacture and import the functional cosmetics in Korea, the approval process in KFDA is necessary. The review process in KFDA is performed based on The Korea Food and Drug Administration Notification 2007-44, "The Regulation of Reviewing the Functional Cosmetics" (June 29, 2007). Only after the approval of KFDA, functional cosmetics are allowed to advertise to the consumers for their functionality.