A Study on Characteristic of the Modern Government Office

근대 공공청사 실내공간의 표현성에 관한 연구

  • 이근혜 (경원대학교 실내건축학과) ;
  • 오인욱 (경원대학교 실내건축학과)
  • Published : 2007.05.25


Modern architecture does a role in terms of connecting traditional and current architecture. In the same time, Which is important part of korean architecture history because of introduction of western architecture. Accordingly, At this meaninglessly going out and leaving of modern architecture, the purpose of this study is systematic researching of the modern Government Office interior. I progressed this study to research into the period context at construction of the modern Government Office and tendency of architecture and interior at that time. And then understand interior space organization of it. The early modern Government Office adopted Neo-Baroque style from tendency of that time. Also, showed composite order which is mixed in the Greek temple, the Renaissance and the classic style representing the power. But, after late 1920 It adopted Modern Style. This characteristic is different from current composit order, which is comprehended by our. In order to understand aesthetic value of current straight interior space, It have to be interacted the present and past. But It's averted because it was made in the period of Japanese imperialism. Therefore, We should explore history of interior design that is endowed with sociality and historicity between modern and future interior space as well as current.