Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of MR Impact Damper for Vehicle System

차량용 MR 충격댐퍼의 동특성 해석

  • Published : 2006.05.01


This paper presents the dynamic characteristics of MR impact damper for vehicle collision system. Various types of mechanism have been proposed for reduce transmitted force to vehicle chassis and finally protect occupants from injury. In the case of frontal collision, the bumper make main role of isolation material for collision attenuation. In this study, proposed bumper system composed of MR impact damper and structures. The MR impact damper is to adopted MR fluid which has reversible properties with applied magnetic field. MR fluid operates under flow mode with Bingham flow and bellows is used for generation of fluid flow. Mathematical model of MR impact damper incorporated with MR fluid is established. Field dependent damping force is investigated with time and frequency domain. The MR impact damper is then incorporated with vehicle crash system. The governing equation of motion of vehicle model is formulated considering occupant model. Dynamic characteristics of vehicle collision system investigated with computer simulation.